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Have some followers on your local business’s social media accounts? Good! Now what?!

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convert your business's social media followers into customers

Well, the whole point of getting people to follow your local business on social media is to get them to buy your products or services – to drive more business! So how do you do that? Well first, we need to understand something…

Why do people follow your business on social media in the first place?

george shrugging They aren’t there for no reason!

People follow your business on social media because they’re interested in you and your products/services!

now i understand You’re probably thinking “well, yeah! Obviously!” And it is obvious. What’s not obvious though, is what you should be doing about it. You see, people aren’t on your page so you can constantly pitch them and sell them on your product or service. And frankly, I see too many business owners using their Facebook page like a billboard – constantly asking their audience to buy from them. So let me ask you this: How would you feel if you someone was constantly following you around and trying to sell you something? That would suck. Right?! Pretty much no matter what it is! Even if it was something that was seriously going to bring you massive value, disproportionate to the cost of whatever it is they’re selling – it would still be a nuisance to you. Why? People just don’t like to be sold to! They don’t want to feel like they’re being coaxed into buying something. People want to make buying decisions on their own! Don’t get me wrong, presenting a call to action to purchase is important to make a sale, but only at the appropriate time. Let me ask you this… Would you go up to a random stranger and ask them to marry you? marry me Absolutely not! You’d be shut down in a heartbeat and most likely laughed at and not even taken seriously! Before you ask someone to marry you, you’ve got to get to know them a bit more! Take them out to dinner a few times, meet their family and friends, and just generally get to know them more! Then after you’ve built up a strong relationship with that person, only then can you ask them to marry you – with any kind of success, that is!

It’s the same in business.

That’s why I talk about building relationships with your customers so much. Only after you’ve built up a relationship with a customer will they consider buying from you. Only after you’ve put them in the right emotional state of mind will they have any chance of choosing you and your product or service. That’s because people buy with emotion – not logic. We use logic to justify our decisions only after we’ve already made them! (In addition to marketing, I’m also a psychology and subconscious mind nerd/enthusiast!) To build relationships with your customers (past, current, and future!) and appeal to their emotions we need to do three basic things.

Educate. Entertain. Engage.

Educate people about your product or service and the problems it solves. Entertain people by communicating in a way that grabs their attention. Think: “What is important and relevant to my audience?” Engage people by actively conversing with them. Facebook (and social media in general) isn’t a one-way street. It’s a place meant for communication and interaction – so use it that way! (If you’re not sure what to post to your business’s Facebook page in order to educate, entertain, and engage your audience, I created a list of over 30 post ideas that you can get for free right here!)

Remember this basic principle

Educating, Entertaining, and Engaging your audience = more and better customer relationships. More and better customer relationships =more people who know, like, and trust you and your business – and therefore more people who will buy your products and services. That’s marketing in a nutshell. Only after you’ve properly marketed your product or service (and yourself!) to a potential customer, will they buy from you. The same way that only after you’ve ‘marketed’ yourself to your boyfriend or girlfriend will they agree to marry you!

The goal of marketing is to make selling unnecessary.

Think about it… If you’ve built up a strong relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend you’re actually ready to get married, then you shouldn’t have to convince them to say yes, right? They should want to marry you if you’ve marketed yourself properly! The same goes for marketing. The people you’re marketing to, if you’ve done a good job, should want to buy your product or service before you offer it to them. At which point selling becomes unnecessary. Simple as that.

Want to start turning your social media followers into customers?

I put together a guide to get your Facebook page up to speed called the 4 Pillars of Facebook Marketing for Local Business Growth and you can get free access to it right here. 4 Pillars of Facebook Marketing for Local Business Growth