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Facebook Business Page Tips (The only ones you really need)

Imagine you’re a musician and you show up to play a concert, but there’s not a single person in the crowd. stock-Concert-empty-seats If nobody’s there to hear you play, then what’s the point of putting on a concert in the first place? There is none – and I think that’s a fear that a lot of people have when it comes to using Facebook for business. A lot of people out there might be thinking: nobody is going to see my posts on Facebook, so why should I even bother? They’re afraid it’s going to be a waste of time. But that fear is misplaced. Let me show you why. Now imagine you’re that musician and there’s one person in the seats to watch your show. 1 person concert What do you do if you’re that musician? Do you say “forget it, this isn’t worth it” and leave? Or do you play an incredible show for that one person? If you’re a person that genuinely cares about your music, your craft, and those who also find enjoyment in that then you’re going to play that concert and give that one person the best experience they’ve ever had. That’s how you should treat your craft, your business, your audience, and your customers. Because ultimately if you have more people’s attention, then you will win.

The way you get people’s attention is by caring about them.

Helping people, giving them solutions to their problems, help with their struggles, answers to their questions, remedies for their pains, and quenching the thirst of their needs and wants. That’s it. That’s why I say that fear of talking to no one is misplaced because the reality is that people are watching and listening. It might only be people or 30 people, but it might be 300, or it might be 30,000. But it doesn’t matter because it’s still someone. Remember this:
You can quantifythe number of people in a group but you can’t quantify the worth of an individual.
And so you should treat your Facebook page accordingly – even if you don’t have the biggest audience, there’s still someone on the other end. So treat them like individuals. I know what it’s like. Especially if you’re just starting your business’s page from scratch, it can be easy to get discouraged and find yourself saying “oh there’s no point, nobody looks at my page anyways.” And that’s bullshit. It might not be many people, but it’s someone. So it’s still your responsibility to engage with them and represent your brand and what you stand for. That’s what makes you worth following. Don’t get me wrong, you want more people – for sure! But if you don’t treat the people who do follow you as individuals by caring about them, engaging with them, showing them you care, and giving them value, then they won’t bother to share you with their friends anyway. Your job is to give them a reason to want to tell their friends about you. And that’s something you need to start doing in your business no matter if your page has 3 people or 30,000 on it.

If you’re just getting started with your business’s online presence, then Facebook is the best place to start.

And whether you’re just starting with Facebook in your business or you’ve been on it for a while and you’re looking to make some improvements, I’m going to give you a rundown of 5 ways to get your business’s page to start growing. Don’t want to read? Check out the video here! How To Start Getting Traffic On Your Local Business Facebook Page

1. Invite your friends and family

Don’t overlook your friends and family! These people are your biggest supporters and will more than likely help you out in any way they can. As if liking your Facebook page is such a big favor to ask… (Hint: it’s not). So go to your page, and find the invite your friends to like this page section and invite them! invite friends to like page Don’t be afraid to mention it in casual conversation either. So next time you’re at a social gathering and someone asks you how your business is doing, don’t be afraid to mention that you’re trying to expand your reach on your Facebook page. You could follow up by asking for their feedback, which will likely lead to them pulling out their phone and looking at your page. Ask them to do you a favor and like it! Remember your friends and family care about you and they want to see you succeed – they’ll almost always do whatever they can to help you out.

2. Invite your current customers

Your current customers are a lot like friends of your business. current customers You’ve given them positive experiences interacting with you and your products/services (hopefully – if not you need to focus on that first) and so they’ll most likely be willing to help you out by liking your page. Especially if you incentivize them a little bit by letting them know you’re going to be offering special discounts on your page – that’s a win-win. So don’t be afraid to ask them to like your page – let them know that you value them and want to give them the best experience possible.

3. Use your Email list

A great way to reach to your customer base is by leveraging your email list. start an email list (If you don’t have an email list you need to start one NOW) Send out an email to your customers and let them know that you’re going to be picking up the activity on your Facebook page and you’d love to interact with them there! Again – don’t be afraid to mention that you’ll be offering special discounts that are only available on your Facebook page to give them a little more of an incentive to like your page! *Pro Tip – Link your Facebook page right in the email so they can click right over and like it! ***Pro(er) Tip – Like your Facebook page in the signature of your email so it’s always getting seen by everyone you email!

4. Run a Giveaway

Running a giveaway is one of the very best ways to reach out to more people and grow your Facebook page following. Why? Because people love free. Think about how people in a crowd react when there’s a free t-shirt thrown at them… facebook page giveaway They go nuts! So take advantage of the free factor by doing a giveaway. It works like this…
  • You offer your audience a chance to win something of high value (ideally related to your business)
  • They do something in return to help you.
Just a simple value exchange! The key here is to 1) use some advertising money to get your post out to more people to give it a good kick start. And 2) make sure you’re giving away something that people perceive as HIGHLY valuable – otherwise, they won’t have enough incentive to take action. As your post gets shared (and seen) by more and more people, you’ll accumulate more and more page likes. The more and more page likes you get, the more eyeballs you’ll have on your page over time.

5. Consistency!

Above all, the biggest thing is being consistently active on your page. I love quotes – and this quote from Aristotle is incredibly pertinent here: Aristotle consistency quote You can get all the likes from your friends, family and past customers and run all the giveaways you want. But if you’re not consistently showing up on your page and engaging with your audience you’ll never generate results from your page. The Facebook algorithm (which is basically the thing that decides which posts actually show up on people’s Facebook feeds) rewards people that have high engagement. So for instance, if someone were to interact (like, comment, share) with your post, then they’re more likely to see your next post when it comes out. That’s because when they engaged with your post, that told the Facebook algorithm “HEY I like these guys! Keep showing me their posts because I want to engage and interact with them!” And as a result, they’ll see more and more of your stuff. Otherwise, only around 4% of people who like your page will see your post. That’s not very many! Which is why engagement and consistency are HUGE for getting traction on your page. And the way you drive engagement is with consistency. It all comes together full circle.

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