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What would your business look like if you were the “go-to” business in your area?

How would your business look if you were the first person/business/service/product for whatever it is that you do? Imagine there’s a group of people talking and one says “gees I really need _____” and someone, or multiple people, in the conversation recommend you and your business. That’s what I want to talk to you about creating today.

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The absolute best way to create this is by becoming an authority in your space. Last week I talked about curating content, and one of the things I said was great about it was that it helps you position yourself as an authority. (If you haven’t already read that article, check it out here) By emerging as an authority in your field and demonstrating your expertise, even just in your local area, you’ll become known as the “go-to” person in your field for your product or service.

Why should you want to establish a position of authority in your area?

Let me ask you this: How do you get most of your business? I get a variety of different answers on this, but there’s one that comes up again and again: word of mouth. Nothing is better in the world of marketing than having people openly advocate for you and your business. When a person gets a recommendation from a trusted friend, that trust is handed off to the person or business they’re recommending – and that’s what makes it so powerful. A word-of-mouth recommendation is the fastest way for someone to begin trusting you on a deep and genuine level since it starts with that already well-established relationship between two people who are already friends.

Building Authority = More Word-of-Mouth

When you build up authority in your field, more people are going to think of you and come to you when they have an issue. Building up that position of authority will also accelerate word-of-mouth marketing so more people will be instinctively advocating for you and your business. A great example of this is a law firm that I constantly see popping up everywhere, they’re “The DWI Guys.” They’ve been all over local news stations for as long as I can remember. But regardless, whenever I think of a DWI lawyer, I immediately think of them. And I’ve never needed a DWI lawyer! In fact, I haven’t even known anyone that needs one, but if I did, then they’d be the first person I recommend. Why? Because the DWI Guys are so well known for what they do! They help people who need a DWI lawyer – they’ve positioned themselves as that authority in the local area. And as a result, someone like me who has never even dealt with them would suggest them to a friend if needed. Which is essentially generating word-of-mouth marketing without even having done business with some of the people who are referring them! That’s powerful!

More Word-of-Mouth = More Revenue

When you’re able to generate that kind of word of mouth marketing, good things tend to happen in your business. Think about it… Your revenue is the lifeblood of your business – without it, your business can’t survive. And there are only a couple ways to increase your business’s revenue. You can:
  1. Sell more to your existing customers
  2. Sell to new customers
The problem here is that selling more to your existing customers isn’t always a good idea. You don’t want to be selling products or services to customers if they don’t need them – and as long as you gave those customers a good experience the first time around, you’re likely going to get their business when they need it again anyway. That leaves us with selling to new customers as the best way to grow your business. And how do you get more customers? Well as we just went through before, most businesses get more customers by word-of-mouth. And the way to accelerate word-of-mouth marketing is by marketing, branding, and positioning yourself as an authority in your space.

How do you build that position of authority?

You need to be constantly demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your field! Why would I recommend the DWI Guys to a friend of mine who needed a DWI lawyer even though I’ve never used them? Because they have effective marketing and branding that’s helped position them as an authority in that space! If you don’t show people that you’re the bomb and you know what you’re talking about, then nobody is going to know. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got to put yourself in front of your potential customers, get their attention, and show them why you’re the best. Guy Kawasaki said it best: “If you don’t toot your own horn, don’t complain that there’s no music.” The best and most practical way to do that right now is by producing content on Facebook. You can easily produce content at scale and put it in front of your audience where they’re going to actually pay attention to it. ***In case you don’t know what you should be posting, I actually created a list of 30+ ideas for Facebook posts to use for your business’s content – You can get that right here. Here are a few quick post ideas to build authority:
  1. Curate content – I talked about this more in depth in another article, but it’s a great way to show you’re on top the latest news in your industry (and educating your audience about it).
  2. Post how-to videos – post a video that shows how something in your business is done, or demonstrate how it works. Even if you film yourself simply explaining how something works – it demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.
  3. Testimonials – Showcase the testimonials you’ve gotten from customers. Get your customers to give you video testimonials if you can! If not, share some reviews you’ve gotten online. Social proof goes a long way so be sure to use it.
  4. Showcase your work – Show off your product or service! Depending on what it is, you could do before and after pictures, pictures of the final product, show how it’s being made or being done. Whatever form it takes on in your business – show it off!
Once you’ve got the content piece down, you might want to start getting it in front of more people.

Getting More Attention

Having content out is good, but you need to make sure it’s getting in front of people. You’ll never build a sense of authority if nobody pays attention to you. That’s why it’s all about attention. More attention leads to more people knowing who you are and what you do. And that means being a trusted authority in your field – because people know who you are. In people’s heads, logically, they wouldn’t know who you are if you didn’t have some level of importance. People value their attention, therefore they value what they pay attention to and what they know – just by default! So just by getting your content in front of people who actually pay attention to it, they’re going to deem you as important automatically. It all boils down to one thing: attention. You need to get as many people’s attention as possible. I wrote a full article on how to do this – check it out here: How To Get Your Local Business Attention On Facebook.